Wherein connection + gratiJude begets beauty

Some lyrics speak to us more than others. Today, it’s “the cost is more than what you get paid, but do it anyway” is like built in advertising for long-time fans such as myself to go to another Dan concert tonight.. in BC. Dammit Dan.

I’ve been infatuated with the poking and prodding of familiar lyrics for the better part of 5 years. It’s this history that carries proof of Dan’s calibre and staying power in the hearts and ears of many. This time around, I felt it was time to address this ongoing appreciation. In doing so, Nov 25 became one of the best days; Christmas came a month early. Jude-mas.

Acoustic solo Dan answers all kinds of questions from the audience, including a height discrepancy for the ages. Mine was “Which comes first, music or lyrics?” To which he responds:

“Depending on the song, it could be either. I used to make complicated guitar melodies and try to put words around them. I used to write really bad songs..”

His career has been about shaping those songs into careful melodies and experimental jazz sounds. Combined with politically charged lyrics and introspective metaphor, Dan is familiar with the fabric of sound. Textured weaving of the human experience has become familiar sonic territory to ongoing supporters.

Perhaps many are similar to myself, having curious ears while plugging away at a summer student desk between university semesters.. Perhaps thats why the majority of concert attendees are mid twenties. He’s a man who plays to his demographic, but crosses age boundaries too. There is a continued inspiration happening with Dan Mang-fans in the winding forest trail of lyricism emerging with each album.

So to hear a record label emerge from this ongoing project, I was eager to see what could happen next.
Cue: Astral Swans. A series of Edmonton tour dates in quick succession led to a certain familiarity at the signing table post-show.
It’s proof of the importance of a shift to house concerts. take out the confusing bar environment and music creates a certain important, temporary place.

These men take on Cranbrook tonight, on the last stage of Dan’s solo Western tour.
May the spirit of Matt’s bunnycatbabygoat be with us all tonight.




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