[Jude’s 6Q] Natalie James

Sitting along Wunderbar’s windowed bench in Edmonton on a cozy fall day, I asked Natalie these personal & musically themed 6Q’s. We had met about an hour earlier, and fell into quick conversation. Mutual friends, mutual places, and mutual desires to tell stories quickly took hold of our focus during the between-band lull.

As a music lover and local musician, I was curious to know how she would answer the 6Q. Read on..:

favourite song:  Cold Coffee -Ed Sheeran (because one day I want a love a romantic as the way he sings about his muse)

favourite cover song: Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys (because it’s sexy/clever/intriguing & it doesn’t hurt that it always helps me sink a pool table)

favourite road trip song: Bad to the Bone; because one day I want to buy a black 66 Ford Mustang & blare the song with my guitar in the backseat  & the open road on the way to a show

best place to play a show: I love coffee shops (JavaRoma in Yellowknife), some bars (karaoke at Buddy’s in Edmonton, Kelly’s Pub open mic).. but one day I want to play Madison Square Gardens.

what’s the hardest you’ve laughed? recently my bff sent me a meme that made me giggle uncontrollably for 7 minutes “I miss you more than an idiot misses the point.”

what’s your ‘spirit animal’? Gabrielle Aplin is my musical spirit animal ❤

Natalie is an emerging musician in Alberta’s independant network, looking for opportunities to share her musical taste. (Her vivacious spirit is encouraging as an audience member with writing aspirations.. that anyone can accompany their instrument of choice with some personal lyric thoughts.)



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