When you fall out of line

keep apologies and gratitude
on the bedside of your anxiety
sleep next to failure
to hear whispers of surrender
possibilities of positivity
swirling around depression’s emptiness

let’s talk ambivalence
to Other’s greed because
our own is shameful and overwhelming

let’s talk acceptable regret
of our own inhabitance
inhabitants in anxious echoes
trapped when the door closed

celebration ceremony
altruistic matrimony
when will it be ours? When.
not if or should.
my dust is happy living alone.
baskets of forgetery strewn around the house, homes for the mouse.

you scream out loneliness like a beacon
a bat signal for others shaken
ticking timeline until we waken.

islands melt into the ocean
no matter our tourists agenda
we’d rather dive into malls
for things we can’t afford
than budget time and love
for Maldives sinking shores.

Humanity asks but cannot understand.


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