#viarailadventure Day3} arriving in Torontonia


With three days of noserviceville, everything about Toronto is still a surprising shock. But soaking in all of the ROM is simply wonderful.

A quick tour, given by a gentle woman with a slight accent encouraged our exploration of the multitudinous exhibits.
Most fascinating is the people, present, observing each other and themselves, through the enlightened haze and celebration of life’s history.
Especially adorable; the pint sized tour guide on the second floor, guiding her dad around the edges, looking out the window through the architecture. {A metaphor for how the museum changes us. How we look to the outside world once immersed in past cultures. How we see it. Once we are separate from it.

Egyptians removed brains of mummified people, because they believed it was unimportant when compared to the heart for intelligence.
I have two thoughts on this: 1. Does that mean they won’t be a threat as future zombies because they’re fully dead, or will that make them even more hungry for brains?
And 2. How sweet. And reassuring on the days when we get trapped in our minds over conflicting feelings. Anything heartfelt is important but the way we have grown past/from our Egyptian heritage shows that intelligence, when wielded by the brain and controlled by the heart, leads to 21st century technology, settlement, and passionate organizations.

The ROM is a successful collection because it opens our minutia of daily life into history pages. Placing us among other minutia. Millennia of it, carefully stacked.

Baskets of history, sculptures in relief.

Gift stores, people walking, texting photographs.

We’ve exploded our own doing, into the greatest moment yet. In these walls live moments not forgotten, though some perhaps are if they get wet. Preservation station encourages diligence and care. I’m astounded and comforted by the arrangements of things the world has to spare.

Hours 1- 5 in Toronto, with plans in blue:



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