Jude’s 6Q feat. The Crackling (Kenton Loewen) alongside Marin Patenaude

“Sleep is indicative of the new direction I’m looking to take the Crackling…an ongoing project for years I’m eager to give it more focus with this tour and into the future with the new album upcoming, ” Kenton explains as we discuss the partnership work  with Marin Patenaude’s evolving project over the past two years  which motivated this tour. (catch up on the road trip via Kenton and Marin‘s Instagram feeds)

Beautiful synchronicity has carried these two souls across our expansive country. As we heard from the duo in full enthusiastic detail, a house concert at Owl Ridge Acres in Bancroft, ON, led to a music video recorded by drones in the winter forest.

Dark, haunting eulogies of living mixed with carefully sincere love songs filled the evening. Typical folk musician banter fell back on apologies for less ‘upbeat’ music. Some audience members unfamiliar with the music prior to showing up at their friend’s house commented “it’s..slow” – which in honesty is not wrong. However, we were all captivated by the intimacy of the room and were completely swept away in the 2hr performance and conversation.

Most notably different from a standard theatre venue, was the break for intermission when the already fragile fourth wall dissolved between performance space and audience.

As Kenton revisits in our conversation (audio) we had while the evening’s guests settled in to whiskey Wednesday, our hosts Kyul and Robyn nurtured a delightful atmosphere.   This young professional couple kindly offered a place to stay for the evening prior due to the Miramichi stop cancelling their show last minute. With an additional day along the Bay of Fundy and an additional evening to strengthen the host/musician relationship, the room’s atmosphere was genuinely blessed with this familial calm. A safety supported by the fact of 11 doctors being in the audience (fun fact!).

Music isn’t free, and relies on evenings like this to sustain both economic and emotional pressures of spreading lyrical wisdom. “In the Canadian music industry you can’t make a record and not tour the hell out of it.” Corroborated by the passionate statement from both that ‘we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t love it.’

Added atmospheric celebration of genuine full love among audience and performance was provided by tastefully decorated  home with a lovely balcony overlooking Saint John’s water and downtown infrastructure:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Listen below for Kenton’s answers to my typical 6Q, within a greater conversation about the house concert experience. (added ambiance with a Maritime kitchen party happening around us, an Alabama record in the background.)


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