Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to the mom who helped motivate me through school, encouraging me to adventure where my heart leads, and reminding me to always call to check in even when life feels too much.

“In all my years of growing up, i’ve learned it’s important to have someone to talk to”

to the mom who has been a mom to others (two siblings and many friends) and hardly bats an eye, just asks how much food to make.

to the mom who invested her time and knowledge into us kids, and made sure we got the education she dreamed of. who drove across the country with me (and somehow we both survived)

i wouldn’t be alive without her, and beyond that, i have ninja baking skills around finnicky allergies because of our teamwork to learn ways around new recipes and potlucks.

it’s tough to be a mirror image of habits, but it makes defending these vulnerabilities that much easier:
‘you’re just like your mother!’ ‘ thank you, she’s a wonderful woman’

To the silent force behind Riverhouse dessert creation, a community supporter and United Church social justice badass. Always a gardener, a bird feeder/watcher, and murder-mystery adorer (like her mother)..

For every time I’ve been angry or upset, there’s a million more moments of happiness and beauty mom’s been at the heart of.

To the Islander who shared her love of home, and taught me about the world in all its foolish conflict and beauty,

THANK YOU MOM. heart emoticon


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