making The Best out of breakfast

each day upon waking

i congratulate myself

for taking unconscious breaths

and remaining alive

this, the celebration

is performed with breakfast,

with breathing, with warming liquid.

ritual strengh brings importance to regular

recalling eagerly declaring ‘the best’ things..

a reminder of how it quickly grows tiresome, forethought

predicts if everything’s better;

nothing competes at all.


positive acceptance is different

than competitive ultimatums.

do not sell yesterday short by

prioritizing tomorrow.

each experience, no matter how we judge,

is ours for the taking, and making

‘the best’ out of it.

in this way, i guess, where nothing is best over lost

rather finding the Best part of living,

find joy in each agony. Find this jar of

collected best moments in a thousand tomorrows,

thanking yesterday’s martyrs for sacrifice.


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