heart work

the connoisseurship of wonder
has discovered great stars
from naval gazing,
reflections in waves

we’re all meant to wonder
we all tend to wander away
from repetition and patterns
wishing us to stay
& waving us away

mixed signals & foggy skies
flags warning danger ahead
observations made with careful eyes
each version uniquely terrifying
for the vulnerable honesty within

guide your compass outward to receive direction – magnetic attractive guidance
is encouraging to our voices’ resonance
turn this compass inward, triangulated by experience and intuition.
underneath a troubled climate
respect attitudes of authority
if only to change them kindly.
share understanding like chocolate,
tasting each layer of nuanced flavour.

cultural privilege is having chocolate to share, but we’ve normalized it.
how deeply in the pool of reflection will we notice our ignorance?

for all of this, give your heart to your work. work on your heart. the art of not giving a shit is a careful routine.
this price of peace is expensive.
a bill containing kindness and listening.

a piece of this golden opportunity is to reach toward being cosmically united.
set loneliness aside for only a moment.

that gilded moment can be your new pedestal. the humility of honoring intelligence can be our new currency.
objectively delighted for peace.


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