Connectivity of Joyfulness

This past Sunday was celebrated in United Church families as ‘joy sunday’. 

A reminder of that being the original inspiration for my middle name, at it is around my birthday each year. In fact, the first year of that annual proximity was inspiration enough for it to be inked onto my birth certificate. 

So, it is a continuing reminder of ways to be joyful in the face of everything else. That strength has always been a superpower of mine. To access joy as a motivator, as a function of memory living forward – harnessing joy for future motivation. 

This persistence of happiness, in all of us, is what allows us to survive in the capacity we do. This year my strength has been tested, and yet as December exam season comes around again, I feel resilient and capable. 

I credit the connectivity of happiness to have supported this journey. Casual acquaintances are knit together in webs which keep the world afloat. Best friends nurture the love we feel when we experience this joy. 
as Year 25 comes to a close, I am so grateful for having the joyful reminder of love embedded in the places we share. The number of towns I briefly participated in were echoes of the one I was shown to love.

and to have wound up in the middle of the best dream, for it to be reality…is hard earned bliss.


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