Waking in silence…[poem]

…I search for Fragments of humanity I left on the floor In the haste to retreat into night, away from the rising sun + shaming satisfaction Of putting a face to well-worn names all over the screens The pride in Bloom, drifting as pollen dust of a familiar dream. And yet again we awaken Rebuilding identities from collections We refuse to throw out Sadly mistaken by failing to awaken earlier That today would of course be that much worse Our robotic programming needs a boosted start There’s only so much sleep to be borne in a rusted heart. That silence begins to crease as the floor boards creak, as the asphalt crumbles, as the highways are worn away All the while we are fumbling + Stumbling looking for bus change in yesterday’s jeans Spritzed and scrubbed makes up for being repeatedly snubbed A brunch date is as good as any for reasons  to look fine And even if they’re rude at least you have food. Cycles of agony, met only with sympathy Throwing the power back in our court, no matter who served. Keeps the forgiveness game circling until someone’s KO’d Until moments of kindness are more frequent than surprising And willful ignorance is fleeting. And peace comes, slowly, in waves and tides, tethered to all the pushpins on our travel map. In this place, a glimpse of an entirely different reality, a mirror offering solutions built from past disasters. Deepest desires don’t exactly vanish, they bloom separately When the music is right. #mentalhealthwarrior to me means enjoying otherwise absurdly fearful things – like anxiety in a crowd, or going to new places. Because peanut allergies are a whole body awareness all the time. It wears ya down. But my love for these experiences outweigh my overwhelmed fears, more now than ever. I’m learning. Thanks. To every human I’ve known til now.

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2vv4QN8

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