ALBUM REVIEW: Family Hangover – Walrus

fam-i-ly hang-ov-er: (noun; album; concept) ~to spend time with family, and regardless of intoxicant consumption a day's break to recover is required. ~to create a unified sound which conveys the joy of being hungover together. ~the idea that goo goo is only goo joub when shared. To me, the most Beatles thing about Walrus is how … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Family Hangover – Walrus


A nasty woman’s rant clinging to optimism and honesty 

​Sometimes I challenge myself to believe we silently elected Trump the same ways Harper remained in power for 10 years, by not speaking out, by accepting our cultural bias blindly even after becoming globally aware. Our maps are the story of this awareness shift. That our resistance must tell the story and allow it to … Continue reading A nasty woman’s rant clinging to optimism and honesty 

I don't often free write at 2:17am but here I am, wired, anxious, reflective, and visualizing happiness. Somethings I did today: -I participated in the #myanxietylookslike #mydepressionlookslike Twitter trend, and I feel amazing. - I talked to my dad for more than 5 minutes over the phone and it was easy, enjoyable, constructive... - I … Continue reading