ALBUM REVIEW: Family Hangover – Walrus

fam-i-ly hang-ov-er: (noun; album; concept) ~to spend time with family, and regardless of intoxicant consumption a day's break to recover is required. ~to create a unified sound which conveys the joy of being hungover together. ~the idea that goo goo is only goo joub when shared. To me, the most Beatles thing about Walrus is how … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Family Hangover – Walrus


Getting Better all the time

There's a fine line between stability and happiness. Sometimes they overlap, but when that balance is shaken it can often look like this travel map: Two years of travel has landed me back in the East after trying out Alberta again; check out the spots I've stumbled into on this search for happiness (and finding … Continue reading Getting Better all the time

kinda at peace

Don't get me started On the matters of the heart I looked far and wide And found this ebbing tide all consuming Then nothing at all But on any given day You're still my Wonderwall Afterall this time You still have a hug that is lovingly mine same, as always but growing, changing, caring still … Continue reading kinda at peace

Two theatre viewings of a old favourite and it’s still not enough, especially in the comfort of lovely mature ladies doing exactly the same thing: embracing childhood for a sec. .. for all the things wrong with the Disney version, this one attempts a transformation into a beautiful work of nostalgia balanced with coy humour and neat changes to placement of the interactions to tell the same story with the same enchanted ending. I know the critiques and I get it, but toddler Jude is very proud of adulting Jude for taking a break to enjoy a moment of beauty realized. #stilllessthanonceaday #beautyandthebeast #3dnot2d #heartstringsareplucked #hopelessromantic #mentalhealthwarrior

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BOOK REVIEW: ‘love is a mixtape: life and loss, one song at a time’ by Rob Sheffield

*some small plot detail spoilers contained in the description below* When I found this book on the stacks of Halifax Public Libray, as I navigated through the careful architecture pathways - looking for inspiration in environment or education or both - I noticed in the Table of Contents that the second chapter (all named after … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: ‘love is a mixtape: life and loss, one song at a time’ by Rob Sheffield