music + lyrics + photo memory

one of the best antidepressants has always been the appreciation of music. gentle worldplay and subtle harmonies to accompany daily life.

i’m oh so grateful for the community I have found within local music scenes, as well as the canadian sapling madic records, for wonderful musicians, and the people behind the operation of house concerts as great inspiration for pushing through the hardest moments. intimate floor seating and 2am chats with the performer will help put personal struggles into a moment of unity with the whole, i’ve found.


so far, this has resulted in some lovely interviews (featuring 6Q and more chatter) with musicians familiar with intimate performance + neat living:

[Jude’s 6Q] feat. Dan Mangan // Conversation with Dan Mangan [December ’15]

Jude’s 6Q feat. The Crackling (Kenton Loewen) alongside Marin Patenaude

Happy National Poetry Month! // 6Q (+ a few more) with Shane Koyczan

[Jude’s 6Q] feat. Astral Swans > “what calms you down freaks me out”

Jude’s 6Q: finding the right “middle of nowhere” with Seb and Brett

6Q with Old Towns (Robbie Shirriff) in Halifax, NS

[Jude’s 6Q] Natalie James



leavestreesforest:: sometimes life’s a birch



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