#RIPDAVIDBOWIE- Ziggy Hoyer (#yegmusic) offers tribute everyday

bowie 69 (2).jpg“No matter how weird and alien you felt, you couldn’t be as weird and alien as Bowie and his bandmates” – The Guardian, The Man Who Thrilled The World.

Total immersion in a legendary life is simultaneously enriching and overwhelming. But this has been the manner of the internet since Monday morning. I hope you were able to find a good radio dedication, or community of mourning as social media exploded with love and gratitude for David Bowie in honour of his life’s anthology as an ‘Alien Beatle’.

Upon hearing the news I reflected on various ways our generation learned of Ziggy’s affinity for Stardust. I thought of Labyrinth’s magic dance and ch-ch-changes as cultural power anthems defining my 90’s childhood. This being only a fragment of the fabric his career became. I cried and laughed and savoured each lyric of Lazarus, appreciating the carefully timed release  with a peaceful sense of joy for life. With only two days of posthumous tribute  under our belts, I value the appreciation and respect cultivated in the earthly community he’s ascended beyond.
In moments of human connection to a man so much larger than life, we united. Doug Hoyer, a familiar face and voice in Edmonton, found words in grief  better than many of us could:

David Bowie was beyond a ‘rock star’ to me. He was a true artist.

But beyond the weirdness, beyond the balancing act of accessibility and experimentation, beyond being both retro and nouveau, I see a lesson. […] that we can look to someone like him whenever we think we’re close to being finished working on our passions. David Bowie put out one of his most ambitious and captivating works at the age of 69, just a few days before he died.

He was one of a kind, yet had so many faces.

(via Facebook)

Knowing Doug has been covering Bowie for years (specifically this Dec 4 show at Wunderbar), in shock and sympathy Doug and I chatted on the day of Bowie’s passing. Read on about getting into the headspace of such a prolific, respected, wild weirdo.

DH: I’ve been releasing music under my own name since 2007. But it was after I started getting into David Bowie in 2010 that I began to view production differently, and what the content of songs could be. It just clicked with me after a dream, and I started studying his work. No, more than his work; his life. I believe that his life was a work of art in its entirety.

I also allude to Bowie in some of my own work. We reference “Life on Mars” in my song “Lakes of Mars“, and my song “Steps” was originally built on a sample from Bowie’s “Subterraneans”.

JK: i was at the Wunderbar tribute, and it is certainly the closest I ever got to Ziggy himself.

DH: that was really quite a great night, wasn’t it. it was so fun seeing people’s interpretations of his songs & seeing which clicked with different musicians.


JK: I’m quite glad Mack caught that on video. 

DH: Me too.

JK: what’s your particular favourite song/album/era/character of Bowie? and {in tribute} what do you most enjoy performing?

DH: I really enjoyed performing all of those Bowie songs, but Let’s Dance was extra fun. Golden Years was a great jam. My favourite era would likely be from the Berlin Era: Low & “Heroes” especially.”

JK: well, now more than ever, I am grateful for folks like you who will be able to bring us Bowie incarnate going forward. Thanks for your enthusiastic dedication to his bold career. Like you say, he lived a life AS art.

Though he’s  commenced liftoff, let’s never stop dancing.

RIP Ziggy. Thank you for being you.

– Ĵude


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