[Jude’s 6Q] feat. Astral Swans > “what calms you down freaks me out” <

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Astral Swans from the stage in Cranbrook. December 1, 2015


“I once saw a dead bird on the sidewalk, so being a sensitive guy easily affected by death.. I wrote a song about it.” Matt Swann offers some lighthearted stage banter in Cranbrook, BC, at the end of a season of touring small venues and humble stage shows throughout Canada. This time, sharing a stage with his Madic Records manager, Dan Mangan.

From the initial press release of the label announcement, Dan has been forthright about the experimental nature of this personal project:

“I’d had this longstanding pipe dream of having a boutique label. For years, it seemed a fulfilling hobby; to help spread the word about music I believed in that wasn’t getting enough attention. It was never quite the right time, and I figured if it ever were to be, that it would happen fairly organically, and because a particular album or project fell in my hands. It took about one listen through Astral Swans’ rough mixes to light a proverbial fire.” (http://danmanganmusic.com/dan-mangan-launches-madic-records/)

Speaking to Dan about working with Matt and developing this toned-down touring style, he confirmed this experiment was a mutual decision, as, “Matt has zero intentions of world domination. If he could play to 80 people every night he would be so happy.”

Lyrics are meant to be the focus of Astral Swans’ performance, with lines arising around sensitivity in the wake of death, compromising social situations, or simply having a conscience in a world that doesn’t seem to value it. Matt’s sensitive existential musings are summarized by the line: Continue reading