rest in peace,2016

There's been a lot of talk about how 2016 is the worst year ever. I'm not about to argue that the deaths of 50 beautiful + inspiring souls has created a dampened spirit in the hearts of global networks. These individuals we look to for inspiration, and eagerly appreciate any newsworthy actions from high profile … Continue reading rest in peace,2016


productive nostalgia

archetypes are our fears given voices, given chances to bring us to tears without speaking to years left behind are you prepared to unwind the cables of string theory linking this life with continuous rewinds a year in the past keeps denying fears from becoming regrets a day in the life stands stronger among the … Continue reading productive nostalgia

I don't often free write at 2:17am but here I am, wired, anxious, reflective, and visualizing happiness. Somethings I did today: -I participated in the #myanxietylookslike #mydepressionlookslike Twitter trend, and I feel amazing. - I talked to my dad for more than 5 minutes over the phone and it was easy, enjoyable, constructive... - I … Continue reading