straight lines + colonial times (poem)

we’re taught how geography is straight lines, in clusters, forming cities. so we learn the names, who runs them, and his-story’s take on how they came to be. these straight lines occasionally bend around curving water and rising hills. we know them because of the flat maps of documentation we inherit, these important memories reduced … Continue reading straight lines + colonial times (poem)


Unmaking Fear, Remaking Happiness

Music is the key to happiness, as my life's research continues to inform such a hypothesis, it continues to be more and more true. Live music as an audience or performer continues to bring community together in delightful ways. As a hobby musician I have always greatly enjoyed being present while others explore musical topographies … Continue reading Unmaking Fear, Remaking Happiness

evening cyclist + solo wanderer

I truly enjoy making tracks at night, Travelling lightly across streetlighted paths, knowing silence deeply against the rain escaping from demands of regular bustles city rules and cyclists' despair Jane's walks are infrequently important reminders of care. Care for the parents and children in community. Gentle acknowledgement of citizen equalling responsiblity Enjoy this city, don't … Continue reading evening cyclist + solo wanderer

Happy National Poetry Month! // 6Q (+ a few more) with Shane Koyczan

Shane Koyczan’s name to our generation inspires a familiar comfort; his story is worn like a heart carefully stitched on his baggy t-shirt sleeve. Growing up awkward in a unique family bred social troubles; his stories about empowering this vulnerability has become a trademark strength. I almost didn’t buy a ticket to see Shane this … Continue reading Happy National Poetry Month! // 6Q (+ a few more) with Shane Koyczan