Waking in silence I search for Fragments of humanity I left on the floor In the haste to retreat into night, away from the rising sun + shaming satisfaction Of putting a face to well-worn names all over the screens The pride in Bloom, drifting as pollen dust of a familiar dream. And yet again we awaken Rebuilding identities from collections We refuse to throw out Sadly mistaken by failing to awaken earlier That today would of course be that much worse Our robotic programming needs a boosted start There’s only so much sleep to be borne in a rusted heart. That silence begins to crease as the floor boards creak, as the asphalt crumbles, as the highways are worn away All the while we are fumbling + Stumbling looking for bus change in yesterday’s jeans Spritzed and scrubbed makes up for being repeatedly snubbed A brunch date is as good as any for reasons  to look fine And even if they’re rude at least you have food. Cycles of agony, met only with sympathy Throwing the power back in our court, no matter who served. Keeps the forgiveness game circling until someone’s KO’d Until moments of kindness are more frequent than surprising And willful ignorance is fleeting. And peace comes, slowly, in waves and tides, tethered to all the pushpins on our travel map. In this place, a glimpse of an entirely different reality, a mirror offering solutions built from past disasters. Deepest desires don’t exactly vanish, they bloom separately When the music is right. #mentalhealthwarrior to me means enjoying otherwise absurdly fearful things – like anxiety in a crowd, or going to new places. Because peanut allergies are a whole body awareness all the time. It wears ya down. But my love for these experiences outweigh my overwhelmed fears, more now than ever. I’m learning. Thanks. To every human I’ve known til now.

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a life in motion. products of listening, of watching – of never settling while stabilizing; finding peace in the chaos instead. but that doesn’t make it any less overwhelming on days of sorting and rereading and refeeling those hypnotizing ideas of the past. Journalling is heavy stuff – especially carrying them around all the time. A question being asked of me a few times a day lately is ‘why?’ Interesting meditation, three year old, but in short you have to eat it because it’s good for you, your mom said so, and sometimes what you *have* to do trumps what you want to do. In this case, I *have* to work on some stuff so I can share these thoughts in a better artsy way. and release them. But I also want to. Why? Because reasons. (Something my phone is used to typing by now, thanks again kid) It’s time to really start digging into this story I’ve been sitting on. It has transfigured itself into new cycles of similar people and more versions of happiness than I could have ever imagined. The surprises of living deeply never end. ‘take a sad (collection of sentimental things) and make it better’, right Jude? That said, I can’t help but be so in love with other stories + networks all around me. To everyone who might need a similar push of support – keep doing the things you want, and have, to do. It’s worth it. And so are you. the robot in you needs love too… And it’s gotta be welcomed into practice BY YOU. There’s too much crazy in the world for anything less than a best attempt at love of it all. #mentalhealthwarrior #journals #music #community #love #jointhemovement #art #poetry #storytelling #chaos #traveller #gypsygirl #lifeinsuitcases #productivenostalgia

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Two theatre viewings of a old favourite and it’s still not enough, especially in the comfort of lovely mature ladies doing exactly the same thing: embracing childhood for a sec. .. for all the things wrong with the Disney version, this one attempts a transformation into a beautiful work of nostalgia balanced with coy humour and neat changes to placement of the interactions to tell the same story with the same enchanted ending. I know the critiques and I get it, but toddler Jude is very proud of adulting Jude for taking a break to enjoy a moment of beauty realized. #stilllessthanonceaday #beautyandthebeast #3dnot2d #heartstringsareplucked #hopelessromantic #mentalhealthwarrior

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