‘slip inside the eye of your mind, don’t you know you might find a better place to play’ #stressdoodles #catharsis #oasis #oasisisisis…possible #mentalhealthwarrior project to build to , once school’s done perhaps. so much on the go, no time for fear tho

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Two theatre viewings of a old favourite and it’s still not enough, especially in the comfort of lovely mature ladies doing exactly the same thing: embracing childhood for a sec. .. for all the things wrong with the Disney version, this one attempts a transformation into a beautiful work of nostalgia balanced with coy humour and neat changes to placement of the interactions to tell the same story with the same enchanted ending. I know the critiques and I get it, but toddler Jude is very proud of adulting Jude for taking a break to enjoy a moment of beauty realized. #stilllessthanonceaday #beautyandthebeast #3dnot2d #heartstringsareplucked #hopelessromantic #mentalhealthwarrior

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